yule logTis’ the season of celebration and there are many wonderful things and foods that are part of our festivities.  A favorite food for many at Christmas is the “Buche de Noel” or “Yule Log”.  Chef Jessica’s recipe has made her quite popular this time of year- with this being her most requested dessert for catered gatherings.  If you want to have one to share with your guests this holiday season you can order the cake from KitchenAble in your choice of size: small or large.  Please give us at least 7 days advance notice or call if you need it for a specific date or event (and we are happy to prepare it on your personal platter).

20151113_175823We are also happy to offer a very special, decadent treat: Magical Mendiants.  These incredibly decadent disks of dark chocolate are all hand formed in a wide array of rich, beautiful flavors.  Some of our flavor options include:  Hot Chocolate (with organic Saigon cinnamon, raw organic cocoa nibs, and crushed chili pepper flakes), Coconut Cocoa (with dried organic coconut and raw organic cocoa nibs),Cardamom-Black-Pepper-Pistachio, Peppermint, Apricot and Nutmeg, Citrus Zest, Candied Ginger, Hazelnut Praline, Raspberry, Lavender, Dark Cherry, and Pecan- Cranberry.  We make them in our cottage using the traditional French Technique and would be happy to package a platter for your next event or to use as a client gift.  We will warn you- they are addictive!  Call or email to order.

*Both the Buche de Noel and Magical Mendiants are gluten-free.