picnicFaire un pique-nique?  Come picnic with us next weekend at Sweet South Cottage for their Annual French Country Flea Market, October 21-22.  We will be setting up our tents in the same spot we had last year, on the side of the Sweet South Cottage (near the other food vendors- section “C”).

The “Pique-Niques” we are offering this year will include:
We will have our famous Herbs de Provence Chicken Salad Croissants, Ham and Cheese Quiche or Cheese “Paté” sandwich.  Sides will include a serving of our confetti salad, a olive cherry tomato pick and your choice of a piece of fruit or a herb sugar cookie with a glass of our famous custom blend of gourmet iced tea (or water).

Don’t miss the other items and dessweet_south_signserts available for purchase  – Brunswick Stew, Sweet potato Biscuits, Lavender Sugar Cookies,  Scottish Shortbread, Scones and Decadent Chocolate Brownies. As well as our packaged Gourmet Loose tea and KitchenAble Special Seasoning.

Quantities of all food and beverage items will be limited (and we sold out of many items quickly last year) so visit us early!