We have changed our summer camp plans for 2020 to better fit the unique circumstances we are currently experiencing.  Our class sizes will be very limited.

A broad range of topics will be taught that include:  kitchen safety, basic kitchen skills, basic knife skills, menu planning, nutrition, baking basics, how to understand (and follow) a recipe, and proper dish washing technique.

During most of our time in the kitchen we will teach through demonstration though the participants will take turns as helpers for “hands-on” experience. Each week has a limited number of participants.  Payment and necessary paperwork are due by June 1st.  Participants will receive an apron, a recipe packet, and certificate of completion at the end of the week.  Book your spot here.

Participants 7 years or older are welcome and must conduct themselves appropriately during participation.  In addition to fun with food we will discuss health and nutrition.  Please be aware that children who attend this program are expected to taste at least one small bite of all we prepare unless they have a food allergy. (Parents, thank you for supporting this policy.)

Please note that this is a group learning environment and that although we do have a hands-on activity scheduled each day the majority of class time will be demonstration  as participants take turns in their role of kitchen helper.  If your chef needs more supervision or has difficulty with patience you may prefer to book a private lesson for them.  You can email us for further details.