We love fresh, local produce any time we can get it… and living where we do, there is alway something in season!  Once a year though, we officially celebrate these fabulous flavors with the Red Hills Small Farm Alliance and Seven Days of Local Delights is the week-long “tasting holiday” for our community.  This will be our fourth year as an event host and we’ll be offering two separate events that we hope you will join us for.

On Wednesday, November 1- we will host a Farmer’s Market Tour and Tasting at 3:00pm– Our cooking class will begin with a stroll from our kitchen to the Lake Ella Farmer’s Market.  We’ll meet the vendors, learn about the products they offer and discuss strategies for successfully for shopping at our open air farmer’s markets to support our local producers.  After the tour we will return to the demonstration kitchen to prepare and taste some of our seasonal items.


On Friday, November 3, at 6:30pm We will host a “Chef’s Table- with a Farmer” dinner– During this Friday night cooking class, one of the RHOM founders, Louise Divine of Turkey Hill Farm will join us with a big, beautiful basket of fresh produce, and together with Jessica our chef, (who happens to be a farmer’s daughter) will talk and cook through all of the fresh ingredients. You will leave with a full stomach and a better understanding of our local agriculture, how to navigate local markets or shop from a CSA.  The menu for this class will be determined by the “cream of the crop” at the moment but will include an ample 5 courses:  a Ploughman’s Board, a delicious salad- fresh from the field, Scotch Eggs, turnips au gratin, Roasted organic local chicken, and for dessert Louise has promised to share her incredible Sourdough Chocolate Cake recipe. 

Reservations are required for this delicious event- we hope you can join us!